Haeckels Algae Plump + B3


A lightweight alternative to traditional Hyaluronic Acid.


This natural formulation features marine-derived water molecules which attract and hold moisture 3 times more effectively than Hyaluronic solutions on their own. It’s a perfect daily hydrator to be in used in conjunction with Haeckels’ Eco Marine cream to visibly hydrate the skin, reduce wrinkles and smooth out the skin’s texture



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Materials: All of Haeckels’ products are made in-house, they harvest and collect the seaweed, ocean mud, marine algae, and marine minerals from the coast, which is walking distance from their home base in Margate.


Production: The brand’s products are made at their home laboratory in Margate, U.K. Any other suppliers are from the local area and/or the have a personal relationships with the brand, ensuring and maintaining positive social conditions for working in the supply chain.


Use: The product label contains all of the ingredient information. In the tab alongside this one, you can find information on how to use the product, the ingredients and the science.


Disposal:  Once you have finished with your pieces, contact us and let us know, as the brand offer a discount to any customers who return their empty product containers.


Responsibility:  Haeckel’s use a renewable energy supplier for their office, stores, and making spaces. In all of the brand’s store locations they have recycling systems. They are in the process of writing a sustainability report to be published & they will also be announcing some long-standing CSR initiatives soon.


Before applying the Algae Plump, make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly. Use the pipette to drop out 2 – 3 drops onto the back of your hand. Massage the serum into the areas of your face that you want to focus on, areas that need that hydrating plump, fine lines or dryness.


Before you let the serum dry, add your moisturiser, oil or cream to seal the water layer being held by the serum against your skin.


We’d recommend sustained use on focused areas daily.


Suitable for all skin types.


Alginate Seaweed Extract / Vegan Hylaronic Acid / Earth Marine Water / Geranium ( Perlargonium Graveolens)/ Niacinamide / Preservative ECO. (Alcohol / Salicylic Acid / Glycerin / Sorbic Acid).


Nothing else.

The Science

The Algae extract is a low molecular weight making it possible to enter lower levels of the epidermis. It consists of molecules of 50 kD and smaller and ensures that water is stored in the connective tissue of the skin. The additional moisture not only makes it appear firmer but also visibly reduces wrinkles with sustained use by hydrating the skin. When using low molecular weight water reservoirs, the moisture is stored in the skin sustainably.


This is combined with a regular HA of higher weight to help protect the lower levels from evaporation before a moisturiser seal is applied.


Data shows that after 7 days of use the hydration level in the epidermis is twice as high as that obtained with hyaluronic acid and the surface of the skin is visibly restructured.

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