Pieces that will stand the test of time whilst paying reparations to countries affected by water pollution.

Water First, Fashion Second ⁣⁣
Founded in 2017⁣⁣
From Germany⁣⁣
Acknowledging that 840 million people still lack basic access to clean drinking water, 17-20% of industrial water pollution is owed to fabric dyes and finishing chemicals, and clothing and textiles are the no. 1 source of primary microplastics in our oceans and rivers (IUCN, 2017). kind of blau are refashioning how clothes are made to put people and environment first. ⁣⁣
Made from TENCEL™️ Modal, the gender-neutral garments are timeless yet individual, with an uncompromising approach to aesthetic and social and environmental practice. The fibres for these pieces are extracted from naturally grown beech wood by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fibre process, the process is self-sufficient in energy and recovers co-products from component parts of the wood. This flexible fibre is renowned for its exceptional softness and absolutely 0 microplastic run-off.⁣⁣
This overhaul approach to fashion is simplified by their six-step philosophy. ⁣⁣
1. Essentials⁣⁣
They focus on things you need. “Some crazy stuff, some basic stuff.”⁣⁣
2. Made to last⁣⁣
They believe high quality and timeless design are the keys to make better things.⁣⁣
3. Materials⁣⁣
They choose to use less water intensive materials. Locally grown, better for you and the planet.⁣⁣
4. Production⁣⁣
The brand work with world leading manufacturers, advanced technologies and farsighted partners.⁣⁣
5. Clean water⁣⁣
They pay reparations to countries affected by the textile industry. Together with Drip by Drip (The NGO committed to tackling water issues in the fashion and textile industry through fashion, sharing less thirsty materials, industry, setting up wastewater programs and education, spreading the word).⁣⁣

6. The Blue Cost⁣⁣
kind of blau show you how much water went into the making of each garment.⁣⁣
kind of blau are simple and elegant in their approach to fashion and sustainability, a pioneer in the movement changing the industry.⁣⁣

Sustainability: Sustainable materials in TENCEL™️ Modal, made to last, work with leading manufacturers for sustainable technology, work closely with the NGO Drip by Drip to innovate with the fashion and textile industry, a clear focus on water consumption.

Ethics: Pay reparations to those who work on the very clothes, whilst working closely with an NGO Drip by Drip to educate and innovate to reduce water consumption in the industry.